Tour in Chirripo National Park "One night in Chirripo"

 The Chirripo Express Package includes 1 night at Hotel El Pelicano in San Gerardo de Rivas and 1 night overnight inside the Chirripo National Park Costa Rica.
"The Land of Eternal Waters"



Services included at Hotel El Pelícano;

º 1 night accommodation in room with private bathroom.
º Meals: 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch.
º Transfer to trail head and back to hotel.
º Parking.
º Tips before starting the Chirripó hike.
º Bathrooms and towels after return from Chirripó hike.
º Use of swimming pool. Bring swimwear.
º The logistics for reservation and the payment of services in the park.
º Storage of luggage in the Pelícano during hike.
º Snack on the first day.

Services included in Chirripó Park

º Admission for 2 days.
º Accommodation: 1 nights of lodging in El Páramo.
º Food: 1 dinners, 1 breakfasts, 1 lunches.
º Linens: 1 sheet, 2 blankets and a pillow


Fitness Level

The fitness level required for this tour is high, and it is not recommended for people who have medical problems or are not allowed to do exercise. For those who do not have medical restrictions or conditions, the key to success is having the right attitude and to approach the climb to the top as a challenge that can be overcome if you put your mind into it.  We can assure you that physical condition is not the only factor responsible for getting you to the top.

Day 1

Arrival at Hotel de Montaña el Pelicano
In the afternoon and evening you can enjoy the beautiful views from our facilities; you can also contemplate the collection of over 200 works of art, crafted by our father from roots. There are also short trails and a pool.
Dinner in our "doña Elsa" restaurant approximately 7:30 pm.

Day 2

Breakfast in our Restaurant and snack to go 4:30 am.

Transportation to the trailhead and beginning of hike 5:00 am.

Lunch on this day will be served once you have registered and are installed in your room at the shelter Base Crestones.

Dinner at Base Crestones between 6:00 and 7:00 pm.

Total distance: 14.5 km
Approximate time: 7 hours

Day 3

Breakfast at Base Crestones 3:00 am.
Ascend Mount Chirripo (5 km)
Return to the shelter Base Crestones (+ 5 km)
Return to San Gerardo de Rivas (+ 14.5 km)
Lunch at the Hotel de Montaña el Pelicano upon your arrival

Total distance: 24.5 km
Approximate time: 9 to 12 hours.


Forms of Payment      

Once we confirm available spots for the tour you will be asked to give a 50% down payment of the cost of the tour, the remaining 50% can be paid ate your arrival at el Pelicano


Ask at the  mail

Impostant notice

- Bookings can only be made by email

To make a reservation full names and passport numbers off all participants are required.

Restrictions Apply

Remenber not to remove any natural resource of the places you visit.

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Environmental tips

Turn your computer off during the night and when not in use.  Do the same with other appliances.





Community Activities

Community ActivitiesIn the area bordering Chirripˇ National Park there are 4 communities that celebrate and conserve local traditions...


Golden olive WoodpeckerGray crown which contrasts with the cheeks, brilliant olive back, barred beneath...
  • Name: Golden olive Woodpecker

  • Scientific name: Colaptes rubiginosus

  • Family: Picidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



Xinia Z˙˝iga

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