Hot Springs Gevi

In our community there are hot springs where you can rest and relax after a long hike. At Hot springs Gevi there are two pools, surrounded by nature typical of this area. In addition there is a small cafe where you can meet the friendly Padilla Villarevia family who own and operate the hot springs.

Part of the facilities offered are: Parking area, dressing rooms, restrooms, and nature trails.






We invite you to visit a small but refreshing waterfall at the entrance of the springs.






We recommend you to come here by using a 4x4 vehicle; there is also a private parking lot along the way.

Duration of visit: Variable.


Distance: Variable; 1.5 km from the center of San Gerardo.


Physical demands: None


Access: Walking or by vehicle


Distance from Hotel: 1.4 km


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Chirripó Bird watching Package

Chirrip├│ Bird watching Package

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Environmental tips

Did you know?

That the leak of just one drop of water at a time equals approximately 5 liters of water per day.

Please help to control leaky faucets.

Use water rationally.






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Ruddy PigeonLives in the canopy, middle and high levels of the forest border...
  • Name: Ruddy Pigeon

  • Scientific name: Patagioenas subvinacea

  • Family: Columbidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



Santos Rodrýguez A

Coronado, San JosŔ, CR Estupenda informaciòn. La verdad me llena de orgullo haber sido residente durante algunos años de esa zona. Mis respectos y admiraciòn para Uds. y todos los empeñosos habitantes de esa maravilla de la naturaleza.
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