Hot Springs Gevi

In our community there are hot springs where you can rest and relax after a long hike. At Hot springs Gevi there are two pools, surrounded by nature typical of this area. In addition there is a small cafe where you can meet the friendly Padilla Villarevia family who own and operate the hot springs.

Part of the facilities offered are: Parking area, dressing rooms, restrooms, and nature trails.






We invite you to visit a small but refreshing waterfall at the entrance of the springs.






We recommend you to come here by using a 4x4 vehicle; there is also a private parking lot along the way.

Duration of visit: Variable.


Distance: Variable; 1.5 km from the center of San Gerardo.


Physical demands: None


Access: Walking or by vehicle


Distance from Hotel: 1.4 km


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The cloud forests of Costa Rica have a unique nature that we can learn about.


Chirripó Bird watching Package

Chirrip├│ Bird watching Package

Observation of birds of the area...


Ours rooms

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Environmental tips

In the Kitchen:

Use appropriate size pots and pans for your heating elements.

Whenever possible use a lid to retain heat.

Whenever possible use a pressure cooker, a slow electric cooker and electric coffee makers; these devices help to diminsh energy consumption.

Do not put hot or warm dishes into your refrigerator; in addition your refrigerator should be at least 5 cm from walls and never place a refigerator near a heat source such as an oven or stove.

Always try to purchase energy efficient appliances which are environmentally friendly.





How to get here???

How to get here???How to arrive in San Gerardo de Rivas, the community where the Hotel de Monta˝a el Pelicano is located...


Collared TrogonMedium sized Trogon, prefers mountainous humid forests; a very beautiful bird...
  • Name: Collared Trogon

  • Scientific name: Trogon collaris

  • Family: Trogonidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



jessenia villalta vargas

San Jose , Coronado Excelente opci├│n nacional,para conocer con mi familia.Nos encanta visitar parte de nuestra naturaleza, visitamos casi todo el a├▒o parte de la zona de los santos tengo familia.Les quiero compartir unas ideas manuales utilizando el arte del reciclaje. Para adornar y ayudar a conservar el ...
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