Trees and Plants

The broad variety of plants and trees in San Gerardo augmented by the bordering Chirripó National Park make this a special zone for observing and photographing everything from delicate species of orchids to the impressive trees hundreds of years old.

Shampoo Ginger

Shampoo Ginger

Family: Zingiberaceae

Its maginifacent vertical flowers are cream colored with red rings. They form a bulb that resembles a bee hive...

Mountain Imortelle

Mountain Imortelle

Family: Papilionaceae

This tree was introduced due to the coffee industry, and is ideal for shading plantations and living fences...



Family: Elm Family

This tree is very typical in the areas around Chirripó. Its impressive size and the diversity of epiphytes in the crown make this tree unique...

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Overnight hotel package  - Chirripo Costa Rica

Overnight hotel package - Chirripo Costa Rica

One night of lodging in the "Mirador" or "Tirra" cabin...



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Environmental tips

70% of our planet is made of water, but only 3% is fresh, and only 1% is available for human consumption.

Use water rationally.

Collect rainwater to water your  plants.
Do not dump oils, chemical wastes, pollutants.





Chirripó National Park

This is an extraordinary attraction not only within the country, but in all of Central America


Torrent TyrannuletPalid with hood, contrasting dark wings and tail, moves its tail while posing, found in the highlands; can be seen along the rivers in our coommunity...
  • Name: Torrent Tyrannulet

  • Scientific name: Serpophaga cinerea

  • Family: Tyrannidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



jessenia villalta vargas

San Jose , Coronado Excelente opción nacional,para conocer con mi familia.Nos encanta visitar parte de nuestra naturaleza, visitamos casi todo el año parte de la zona de los santos tengo familia.Les quiero compartir unas ideas manuales utilizando el arte del reciclaje. Para adornar y ayudar a conservar el ...
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