Biodiversity - Gray necked Wood Rail

  • Name: Gray necked Wood Rail

  • Scientific name: Aramides cajanea

  • Category: Birds

  • Family: Rallidae

Status:  Common

Size:  38 cm.

Weight:  460 grams.

Elevation:  up to 1,400 meters above sea level.


Has a long neck and legs, a short yellow beak with a light green tip.

Lives in patches of forest, edges of streams or in coffee plantations.

Reproduces between April and September.

These are solitary.  If threatened will flee rapidly.  Sometimes flies short distances.

Feeds on small invertebrates, insects and fruits.  Sometimes steals the spoils transported by ants.

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The cloud forests of Costa Rica have a unique nature that we can learn about.


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Chirripó Bird watching Package

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Whenever possible use a lid to retain heat.

Whenever possible use a pressure cooker, a slow electric cooker and electric coffee makers; these devices help to diminsh energy consumption.

Do not put hot or warm dishes into your refrigerator; in addition your refrigerator should be at least 5 cm from walls and never place a refigerator near a heat source such as an oven or stove.

Always try to purchase energy efficient appliances which are environmentally friendly.





Socio - Ambiente

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  • Family: Tyrannidae

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San Jose Buenos Días. Don Rafael (Macho) Elizondo. Soy Marvin, aparte de vecino y amigo, siempre tengo presente que soy compañero de A A,. Ademas quiero confirmar que este lugar es hermoso, por su naturaleza, como por la gran obra que ustedes han construido. los felicito, que sigan ...
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