Biodiversity - Coffee Plant

  • Name: Coffee Plant

  • Scientific name: Coffea arabica

  • Category: Trees and Plants

  • Family: Coffee Plant

This species of tree coffee grows between 1,250 and 2,000 meters above sea level.  It is a small bush with glossy and smooth leaves.  The stem is woody and it has aromatic white or cream colored flowers. It is common in the area around San Gerardo to see plantations of coffee along with all the customs and activites that are associated with this traditional Costa Rican crop.

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Chirripó Bird watching Package

Chirrip├│ Bird watching Package

Observation of birds of the area...




The cloud forests of Costa Rica have a unique nature that we can learn about.


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Environmental tips

Did you know that the majority of aerosol products contain CFC (Cloroflorocarbons); a chemical that produces a grave threat to the ozone cap, causing accelerated global warming and a disequalibrium in natural cycles.

Be responsible and do not use these aerosol products.





Community Activities

Community ActivitiesIn the area bordering Chirripˇ National Park there are 4 communities that celebrate and conserve local traditions...


Golden - hooded TanagerVery common to the zone; can be seen in the gardens and open areas of our hotel...
  • Name: Golden - hooded Tanager

  • Scientific name: Tangara larvata

  • Family: Thraupidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



jessenia villalta vargas

San Jose , Coronado Excelente opci├│n nacional,para conocer con mi familia.Nos encanta visitar parte de nuestra naturaleza, visitamos casi todo el a├▒o parte de la zona de los santos tengo familia.Les quiero compartir unas ideas manuales utilizando el arte del reciclaje. Para adornar y ayudar a conservar el ...
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