Biodiversity - White Nosed Coati

  • Name: White Nosed Coati

  • Scientific name: Nasua narica

  • Category: Mammals

  • Family: Procyonidae

Diuranl.  Live in social groups of more than 30 individuals, composed of females and their offspring, and male and female juveniles. Adult males are solitary excep during mating season.  Omniverous.  They forrage on the ground and in the trees, feeding on fruits and insects.  In some areas they eat crabs and turtle eggs.

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Chirripó Bird watching Package

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Use appropriate size pots and pans for your heating elements.

Whenever possible use a lid to retain heat.

Whenever possible use a pressure cooker, a slow electric cooker and electric coffee makers; these devices help to diminsh energy consumption.

Do not put hot or warm dishes into your refrigerator; in addition your refrigerator should be at least 5 cm from walls and never place a refigerator near a heat source such as an oven or stove.

Always try to purchase energy efficient appliances which are environmentally friendly.





Chirripó National Park

This is an extraordinary attraction not only within the country, but in all of Central America


Scarlet-thighed DacnisThis bird has a thin pointed beak and a black hood; it is known for its red thighs...
  • Name: Scarlet-thighed Dacnis

  • Scientific name: Dacnis venusta

  • Family: Thraupidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



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