Biodiversity - Black Vulture

  • Name: Black Vulture

  • Scientific name: Coragyps atratus

  • Category: Birds

  • Family: Cathartidae

Status:  Common.

Size:  64 cm.

Weight:  1.8 kg.

Elevation:  up to 2,000 meters above sea level.


Flys in small communal groups.

In flight one can see a white mark on the end of each wing tip.

Carrion eaters, very important for the decomposition of animals.

In some areas they are seen as a pest, for eating the fruits of African palm, turtle eggs, and newborn calves.

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Chirripó Bird watching Package

Chirripó Bird watching Package

Observation of birds of the area...



One night in San Gerardo and Three nights in chirripo


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Environmental tips

70% of our planet is made of water, but only 3% is fresh, and only 1% is available for human consumption.

Use water rationally.

Collect rainwater to water your  plants.
Do not dump oils, chemical wastes, pollutants.





Chirripó National Park

This is an extraordinary attraction not only within the country, but in all of Central America


This is the most common species of Tanager in the area; it is important to point out that there are two species, one on the Carribbean and one on the Pacific, where the males are the same and the females have different characteristics...
  • Name: Cherries´s Tanager

  • Scientific name: Ramphocelus costaricensis

  • Family: Thraupidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



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