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Package # 8  Cloudforest

Package # 8 Cloudforest

The cloud forests of Costa Rica have a unique nature that we can learn about...


Package # 5 Chirripo Three Nights

One night in San Gerardo and Three nights in chirripo


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Environmental tips

Did you know that the majority of aerosol products contain CFC (Cloroflorocarbons); a chemical that produces a grave threat to the ozone cap, causing accelerated global warming and a disequalibrium in natural cycles.

Be responsible and do not use these aerosol products.





How to get here???

How to get here???How to arrive in San Gerardo de Rivas, the community where the Hotel de Montaña el Pelicano is located...


Gray headed ChachalacaForms flocks in search of food; noisy and awkward..
  • Name: Gray headed Chachalaca

  • Scientific name: Ortalis cinereiceps

  • Family: Cracidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



Jonathan Elizondo

san gerardo un lugar increible
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