Photos of Gallery of Art and Culture

With a great imagination Don Rafael Elizondo has achieved during more than 25 years, the creation of a large quantity of original pieces of work most of which are displayed in the gallery which was formerly the family home.  Enjoy sculptures including the "Eco-Moto", "The Indian", "The Anaconda" and more than 100 other sculptures which trace the various stages of the imagination of our father.
Come and enjoy this new space dedicated to art and culture.

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We decorate the cabin for this special occasion...


Overnight hotel package  - Chirripo Costa Rica

Overnight hotel package - Chirripo Costa Rica

One night of lodging in the "Mirador" or "Tirra" cabin...


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Environmental tips

In the Kitchen:

Use appropriate size pots and pans for your heating elements.

Whenever possible use a lid to retain heat.

Whenever possible use a pressure cooker, a slow electric cooker and electric coffee makers; these devices help to diminsh energy consumption.

Do not put hot or warm dishes into your refrigerator; in addition your refrigerator should be at least 5 cm from walls and never place a refigerator near a heat source such as an oven or stove.

Always try to purchase energy efficient appliances which are environmentally friendly.





How to get here???

How to get here???How to arrive in San Gerardo de Rivas, the community where the Hotel de Montaña el Pelicano is located...


White - crowned ParrotLives in the canopy and edges of forests; often seen in farm fields and patches of forest...
  • Name: White - crowned Parrot

  • Scientific name: Pionus senilis

  • Family: Psittacidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



Roberth Martìnez Segura

Pèrez Zeledòn Un lugar increible, con todas las comodidades y una belleza sin igual, ademàs de la excelente atenciòn de parte de su personal, recomiendo este lugar para disfrutar y pasarla muy bien.
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